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Panoramic Bookmarks

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Bookmark P36, Moine Storm Bookmark M12, Northern Shores Three full paintings on the front and location names on the back  Please remember that these images are low resolution and do not fully reflect the 300dpi quality of the actual bookmarks. Bookmark M1, Northern Light and Water Bookmark M5, Northern Mountain Portraits Bookmark M5, Northern Mountain Portraits Bookmark M3, North Coast Beaches Bookmark M4, Landscapes in the Sky Bookmark No. M4 Landscapes in the Sky Road to Sutherland (Pic. No. 27) The Great Glen (Pic. No. 24) Moine Storm (Pic. No. 36) Bookmark M5, Northern Mountain Portraits Bookmark No. M5 Northern Mountain Portraits Ben Loyal from Ribigill (Pic. No. 14) Ben Griam Beg (Pic. No. 28) Ben Klibreck (Pic. No. 20) Bookmark M6, Northern Mountains in Winter Bookmark No. M6 Northern Mountains in Winter Beinn Stumanadh (Pic No. 7) Ben Hope (Pic. No. 37) Ben Loyal from Kyle of Tongue (Pic. No. 6) Bookmark M7, Northern Land & Water Bookmark No. M7 Northern Land and Water Rabbit Islands (Pic. No. 33) River Naver (Pic. No. 19) Ben Loyal from Lochan Hakon (Pic. No. 9) M8, Winter Landscapes in the Far North Bookmark No. M8 Winter Landscapes in the Far North Ben Klibreck (Pic. No. 17) Castle Varrich and Winter Crofts (Pic. No. 16) Ben Loyal (Pic. No. 15) M9, Northern Stone Cottages Bookmark No. M11 Ard Skinid Talmine from Ard Skinid (Pic. No. 41) Ben Loyal from Ard Skinid (Pic. No. 40) Ard Skinid from Rhitongue (Pic. No. 42) Bookmark No. M12 Northern Shores Coldbackie and Watch Hill (Pic. No. 49) Bettyhill Coast (Pic. No. 48) Kearvaig near Cape Wrath (Pic. No. 47) Bookmark No. M13 Ben Loyal through the Seasons In Spring from Lochan Hakon (Pic. No. 10) In Summer from Ribigill (Pic. No. 14) In Winter  from the Kyle of Tongue (Pic. No. 6) Wildflowers (Pic. No. 102) Bookmark No. M2 Landscapes in Miniature Snowdrops (Pic. No. 4) Scottish Primrose Primula scotica (Pic. No. 66) Bookmark No. M10 Northern Cottage Homes Rowan Bank,  Melvich (Pic. No. 38) Skerray Mains (Pic. No. 18) Garmouth Cottage Window (Pic. No. 35) Bookmark M10, Northern Cottage Homes Print 38 Print 18 Print 35
Back to the top Top About Viewpoints Cottages to Castles Home Lochs & Rivers Coastline Little Landscapes Bookmarks button Ordering Notelets All Paintings Commissions There are two formats:    Multi-Picture                     and                     Panoramic Bookmark No. M14 Sutherland Salmon Streams Kinloch River (Pic. No. 72) River Hope (Pic. No. 44) River Naver (Crooked Stream) (Pic. No. 75) Bookmark No. M15 Assynt Ardvreck Castle & Loch Assynt (Pic. No. 29) Suilven & Fionn Loch (Pic. No. 78) Clachtoll Beach (Pic. No. 87) Bookmark No. M16 Northwest Shores of Sutherland Clachtoll Beach (Pic. No. 87) Sandwood Bay (Pic. No. 54) Balnakiel Bay, Durness (Pic. No. 46) Bookmarks 2

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Print 23 Print 21 Print 25 Print 27 Print 24 Print 36 Print 14 Print 28 Print 20 Print 7 Print 37 Print 6 Print 33 Print 19 Print 9 Print 17 Print 16 Print 15 Print 32 Print 13 Print 18 Bookmark M11, Ard Skinid Print 41 Print 40 Print 42 Bookmark M12, Northern Shores Print 49 Print 48 Print 47 Bookmark M13, Ben Loyal through the Seasons Print 10 Print 14 Print 6 Print 72 Print 44 Print 75 Print 29 Print 78 Print 87 Print 87 Print 54 Print 46 Print 1 Print 29 Print 12
#BM,M12 #P36 Bookmark No. M17 North Highland Bothies Cunside Bothy, Ben Loyal (Pic. No. 96) Arnaboll Bothy, Loch Hope (Pic. No. 95) Freisgill Bothy, Loch Eriboll (Pic. No. 97) Bookmark No. M18 Eilean nan Ron in Memory Island Cottages  in Winter (Pic. No. 113) Girl Katherine approaching (Pic. No. 39.3) “Semi-Detached” island style (Pic. No. 112a) Bookmark No. M19 Balnakiel Bay, Durness Bay from Golf Course (Pic. No. 68) Storm Approaching (Pic. No. 63) Balnakiel Bay  looking North (Pic. No. 46) Bookmarks No. M20 & M21 Eilean nan Ron (Island of the Seals)

Eilean nan Ron - Island of the Seals:  one mile offshore from Skerray and inhabited since the late 1700s. This small island group supported over 70 people in 1900 but as herring stocks declined and World War I took its toll, the population fell and island life was no longer sustainable.  The last 4 families departed in 1938 in a storm on December 6th.  In the right part of the double cottage pictured lived Chrissie Dolina with her older brothers, Hector and John-George, children of George & Barbara Mackay. Next door lived Chrissie’s aunt, Christabel (widow of George’s brother, Hugh), with her children: Jessie Ann, Willie John and Hugh. Christabel was the mother figure for all after Chrissie Dolina’s own mother died in 1910, and her father in 1937.  The house ruins stand today as a crumbling testimony to a hard but happy life.



Bookmark No. M22 Ben Hope (Mountain of the Bay) From the Kyle of Tongue (Pic. No. 89) River Hope & Dun Dornagaill Broch (Pic. No. 119) From Arnaboll & Loch Hope (Pic. No. 80) Print 66 Print 4 Print 102 Bookmarks 2 #BookmarkM5 Print 113 Page 39,3 Print 112a Print 68 Print 63 Print 46 Print 121 Print 112 Print 120 Print 123 Print 112 Print 122 Print 89 Print 119 Print 80 #MPBookmarks Print 96 Print 95 Print 97
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