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Prints are mounted using Daler Mountboard with a protective backing of greyboard.  The 3 colours shown above are fairly neutral to match most decors, but I do have other colours available.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Text on back of Greeting Cards and Notelets, and enclosed with Prints (Cards & Notelets are blank inside)

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Site of painting:

Inverness Edinburgh

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a different colour of mount.

Notelet: £0.65

A6 Card: £1.50

A5 Card:  £2.55

 Print - Unmounted


 Print - Pale Ivory mount

 Print - Delft Blue mount

 Print - Catkin mount

If ordering from outside the UK, please contact me for postage rates before buying.

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It takes a surprising amount of mental strength to slow down and stop these days, in a culture that stresses constant noise, activity, and achievement. We are bombarded with demands, expectations, and entertainment, and pressured to procure apps to enable us to do anything. There is even an app for walking, in case we’ve forgotten how to move our feet! I spent an idyllic half hour crouched near crab level on Melvich beach, watching the tide creep in around pebbles with translucent prawns darting between fronds of seaweed, revelling in the sound of the waves, the colours of the fading light, and the salt smell of the air. I required no electronic gadget or online help to enjoy what is freely available to all. You can call it “mindfulness” if you need a label. In older, simpler, and more profound times, they would have just called it “living”.

- Sunset waves at Melvich, Sutherland -

Painting No. 139


(NC500) - Walk about ¼ mile from the Melvich Beach car park down the beach track to see this view.

Please see below for full details of print sizes

Descriptive Text and

Location Map of Painting