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- Talmine Bay in Sutherland -

Painting No. 133

Talmine is a gem of a beach - clean sand underfoot, two streams to splash in if the sea is not enough, rocks to scramble with pools to explore, acres of coloured pebbles and sheep-cropped turf; there is even an old wreck, The Old Reaper, adorning the top end of the beach.  Down south, such a beach would attract tourists like flies, but up here it is largely unknown, unfrequented, and unspoiled, unlike high profile places such as Brighton and Blackpool.  And there are many human “Talmines”, living unobtrusive, good, and straightforward lives far from the populist spotlight.  The news may be full of disasters and celebrity tantrums, but away from the media gaze these unsensational and unremarked lives of ordinary people offer a peace and tranquility that is all the more special because it is unmanufactured and real - true salt of the earth.  


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(NC500) - Drive down the Melness road about 2 miles to see this view.