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- Rhitongue in Winter -

Painting No. 88

Please see below for full details of print sizes

Descriptive Text and

Location Map of Painting

Moine location

Old fence posts, and the tumbled stones of an even older wall, mark the boundary of a field where generations of Rhitongue crofters have farmed their 5-acre allocation of land since they were resettled during the Clearances.  Today, the fence has been rebuilt and the field provides grazing for a small herd of Highland cattle.  At the time of this painting, however, both history and the future were blanketed by snow - a beautiful but temporary illusion of newness and purity.  A pair of blackbirds, transient creatures in themselves, served as a reminder that our seemingly important human activities are but a small detail on a much greater canvas.   



(NC500) - Walk from the Weaver’s car park at Rhitongue down the short road past the cottages to see this view.