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For more information on other aspects of the Far North of Mainland Scotland,

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Serviced Accomodation: Ben Loyal Hotel, Tongue: Facebook:  Ben Loyal Hotel Bettyhill Hotel,  Bettyhill: Borgie Lodge Hotel,  Skerray: Tongue Hotel,  Tongue: Facebook: Tongue Hotel Local news and events: Facebook: Community Newsletter for Melness,Tongue, Skerray Natural Heritage: North Highland Forest Trust: Tourist Information: Local Artists: Mark Edwards at the Stable Studio in Tongue - oils and acrylics of Highland landscapes, stalking scenes, and much more: Mike Roper at Borgie - photographer of landscapes & people,  from traditional to imaginative, but all very good: Spiritual: Tongue & Melness Church of Scotland: Facebook: Melness and Tongue Parish Fir Chlis House of Prayer: Notelets

slightly different viewpoints

to better convey the essence of the scene I am painting.

I work in a tiny studio at Rhitongue, and each stage of every project (from the original painting through the scanning, printing, mounting, folding, lam-inating, etc, to the final packaging) is done by my own increasingly  less fair hands. Artist cartoon self-portrait -  All graphics and text, Copyright: Stuart Mingham, 2019  -


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The Crask Inn (donated to the Episcopal Church and providing food for both body and soul).